Company for engineering ,commerce,maintain and mounting of communication equipment
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  SILNICA d.o.o. main service is selling of telecommunication equipment of wide known manifacturer "PANASONIC".
  We can offer you almost every PANASONIC product which has something with telecommunications (phones, telefaxes,phone systems,batteries ...)

  Besides selling and commercing of communication equipment, SILNICA d.o.o. is also one of main companies in Bosnia who installs PANASONIC's phone systems for various business and administration need.
  We also do mounting of LAN network (just hardware installation for now, not software) cause today is almost impossible for any middle size and bigger companies to run business well without computer's network.

  In quality of our services you can convince yourself by taking a look on not short list of companies ,goverment and international organisations in BiH, who used our services.
  Such as:Parlementarna skupstina BIH;   Opcina Centar,Sarajevo;   K.J.K.P.Vodovod i kanalizacije;   
Gradsko vijece Sarajevo;   
Agencija za drzavnu sluzbu FBIH;   BEMUST d.o.o. ;   
NLB Tuzlanska banka dd Sarajevo;   FIPA-Foreign Investment Promotion Agency;   
ICMP-International Commission on Missing Persons;   JDG-Journalism Developement Group;   
Medicinski fakultet Sarajevo;   Palace group d.o.o.;   QSS Sarajevo;   
RAK-Regulatorna agencija za komunikacije;   RSG-Radio Stari Grad;   Senso mikro d.o.o.;   SIPA;   
Ustavni sud BIH;   Fedaralni porezni ured Sarajevo;   SA Dundee Group d.o.o.;   GRAWE OSIGURANJE.


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View of one communicaton cabinet while mounting LAN network.

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